Asthma, Data & Design
Currently, with my advisors Dr.Yunan Chen and Dr. Kai Zheng and our collaborator Dr. Sunit Jariwala, I am working on 2 projects around Asthma, Data and Design:
1. Understanding medical professionals’ work practice and data and technology use in Asthma Care
2. Redesigning asthma management mobile app: ASTHMAXcel
Children, Health & Artificial Intelligence 
Currently, I am collaborating with Dr. Ken Holstein and Dr. Haiyi Zhu at Carnegie Mellon University's Human Computer Interaction Institute on 2 projects around children, health and AI 
1. Calibrating trust and discretion in high-stakes human-AI collaboration
2. Redesigning risk assessments
In the context of children's health and welfare, we are trying to answer:
1. When and how much to (dis)trust algorithmic recommendations?
2. How to act upon or communicate about distrust?
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An asterisk (*) indicates co-first authorship: these authors contributed equally to the work.
Journal Articles
[J.2] Su Z, J Schneider, Hoonpongsimanont W, SD Young. The Role of Conversational Agents in Prevention and Treatment of Substance Use Disorder in Social Distancing Contexts.  Journal of Substance Use and Misuse (In review) 
[J.1] Hussain MI, Figueiredo MC, Tran BD, Su Z, Molldrem S, Eikey EV, Chen Y. A systematic review of qualitative research in JAMIA: past contributions and opportunities for future work.  Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 2020 [pdf]
Conference Proceedings
[C.3] Oygur I*, Su Z*, Epstine A. D, Chen Y. The Lived Experience of Child-Owned Wearables: Comparing Children’s and Parent’s Perspectives on Activity Tracking. In Proceedings of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems [Conditionally Accepted]
[C.2] Su Z, Figueiredo MC, Jo J, Zheng K, Chen Y. Analyzing description, user understanding and expectations of AI in mobile health applications. American Medical Informatics Association Annu Symp Proc. 2020. [pdf]
[C.1] Ferronato P, Su Z, and Ruecker S. 2018. Conversation modeling: how the 3D aspect can influence collaborative interpretation. In Proceedings of the 10th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction [pdf]
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